Authorised duplicates only

FT’s non-duplicable patented keys

Maximum security requires having all accesses under control.
Monitoring the number of keys in circulation and the duplicates thereof is an efficient way of controlling accesses: the easier it is to duplicate a key, the harder it is to have a clear picture of the number of copies in circulation whereas if the patented key is not duplicable, then controlling accesses will be easier.

The new series 5 cylinder with patented key that comes alongside the Security Card eliminates the risk of unauthorised duplicates: you can ask for a copy of the key only by exhibiting a personal identification document alongside the Security Card to one of the authorised FT dealers.

The Security Card is a card provided alongside the cylinder/padlock and it uniquely identifies the key code and its owner.

With series 5, forget unauthorised duplicates once and for all!

Systems image for cylinders

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