Arc and rectangular rust free padlocks

The Scuba line of rust-free padlocks was conceived to guarantee protection and reliability in use in strongly corrosive environments like the marine one.

The quality of the materials used (stainless steel) and the anti-rust electro-chemical treatments applied (copper and nickel plating), confer unrivalled resistance and reliability to these marine weatherproof padlocks.
The wide range of products, made up of arc and rectangular padlocks, and being available in eight sizes, offer a wide choice of the Scuba padlock that is most appropriate to your needs in terms of security and durability.


The rust-free Scuba padlock comes in a copper and nickel-plated brass single block, provided with discharge holes to avoid stagnation of water and humidity.

The arc is made of stainless steel resistant against rust.

The internal mechanism of the padlock is activated through anti-tamper brass pistons and counter-pistons. The springs are made of stainless steel while the blocking latches are made of brass.


  • Scuba marine weatherproof padlock with stainless steel arc.
  • Scuba marine weatherproof padlock with stainless steel long arc.
  • Scuba rectangular marine weatherproof padlock with stainless steel locking bar (slider).


All versions come with master key (MK) and keyed alike (KA) systems.

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