Camouflage safe


Mini Secur Box is the camouflage safe conceived and designed to be wall-mounted and camouflaged behind an electrical socket. Being small in size, it can be installed through a simple masonry work.
Mini Secur Box combines the security of a conventional safe with the smartness of a well camouflaged hiding place. A double protection for your cherished objects.


  • Painted sheet body
  • Painted sheet drawers with velvet bottom
  • Chrome-plated lock equipped with reversible key
  • Internal mechanism activated through brass pistons and counter-pistons
  • Camouflaged cover in form of electrical socket (a copy of the original down to the least of details)


  • 60 Single drawer
  • 61 single drawer + objects holder compartment
  • 62 two drawers + objects holder compartment
  • 63 three drawers + objects holder compartment

Available sockets:

  • Magic model socket
  • Liwing model socket
  • Liwing International model socket
  • Liwing Light model socket

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