Disc padlock

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The disc padlock (German model) is the armoured version of the arc padlock. Thanks to its stainless steel full armour, the disc padlock offers extra protection to the arc and internal cylinder.

The direct drag mechanism of the arc, makes this padlock indispensable in cases where the positioning and use of conventional padlocks is difficult if not impossible, for example when handling armoured containers or containers protected by steel fairings.
The stainless steel armour, enables classifying the disc padlock among anti-rust padlocks thus making it suitable for use outdoors.


The disc padlock is made up of one block made of solid brass, operated through an internal brass cylinder.

The full armour is made of anti-rust stainless steel.

The arc is made of tempered steel with anti-rust chrome-plating treatment.  The arc is directly activated by the movement of the key and it slides until it disappears into the body when opening. Thus, the external overall dimensions of the padlock never change, remaining unvaried both at opening and closing position.

The internal mechanism of the padlock is activated through anti-tamper brass pistons and counter-pistons. The springs are made of stainless steel.


Keyed alike (KA) system available.

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