Scudo, the rectangular steel padlock, is a high security mechanical lock that tops the range of rectangular padlocks. The tempered steel padlock body is and the cylinder defender guarantee maximum security against picking.
Though the new-entry in this range of products, the rectangular steel padlock was able to take a leading role right from the start thanks to its performance. If you need utmost performance, Scudo is the way to go.

Strengths and benefits


Tempered steel protects the padlock against the most common picking techniques.


The external anti-rust treatment using last generation powders guarantees the durability of the padlock over time against atmospheric agents and makes it suitable for use outdoors.


Drill-resistant, Defender protects the core of the padlock at 100%.


Combined use with padlocks for up-and-over-doors and roll-up-shutters or with accessories part of the FT range of products boosts the efficiency of the pick resistant system.


A rectangular steel padlock, Scudo is made up of one tempered steel block externally treated to resist against rust.

The operating cylinder is made of steel and protected by a drill-resistant Defender made of chrome-plated steel.

Made of tempered steel with anti-rust chrome-plating treatment, the locking bar (slider) is operated manually.

The internal mechanism of the padlock is activated through anti-tamper brass pistons and counter-pistons. The springs are made of bronze and stainless steel.

The slider blocking latch is made of stainless steel.


  • Scudo C is a standard rectangular padlock, with standard key.
  • Scudo R is a radial rectangular padlock, with security key.


Both systems come with the keyed alike (KA) system.

Combinable padlocks and accessories

  • Padlock for roll-up-shutters, model 928/93
  • Padlock for up-and-over-doors, model 929/93
  • Mobile eyebolts and gate collars
  • Chains

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