Model 929/93 is a mechanical device designed for protecting your up and over door.
A classic in the FT range of products, it is widely acclaimed up to date due to its ease of use, that has made it one of the security devices most commonly used in garage doors over the years.
Model 929/93 is dimensioned to operate combined with a rectangular pick resistant padlock.


Model 929/93 is made up of:

  • forged and galvanised movable (removable) pair of eyebolts.
  • bell for fixing to the ground with spring-activated dust resistant cap.
  • forged and galvanised steel plate for fixing to the up-and-over-door


Screws/bolts kit for fixing the device onto the up-and-over-door

Combinable rectangular padlocks

  • Pick resistant 927, Puma 993 (connections)
  • Armoured 927 B3, Puma Plus 993 B3
  • Bunker 927 B37, Bunker 907 B37, Super-Bunker 940 B37, Pantera 993 B33
  • Scudo 4990C, Scudo 4990R


the bell for fixing to the ground (standard component), is also used by the Fortress 4965 and Fortress 4970 models (connections). Thus, in future it is possible to increase the protection level of the up-and-over-door, by replacing model 929/93 with Fortress, without having to remove the bell already fixed to the ground.

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