Protecting garages, stores and secondary accesses

Padlocks for up-and-over-doors and roll-up-shutters

Though often considered “secondary rooms”, it is crucial to bear in mind that garages and stores house highly valuable objects including vehicles, motorcycles and sports equipment. Protecting these belongings, both from an affective and economic point of view, is of crucial importance.
Our mission is to prevent access to the room, keeping away any undesired persons; because it might already be too late by the time the alarm detects unwanted presence in the room.

Padlocks for up-and-over-doors and roll-up-shutters are used alongside conventional locks to resist against picking, thus increasing the resistance of the door against break in.
Cut proof material, pick resistant design and weatherproof qualities are the simple though key features of these indispensable padlocks.

Why wait, keep your garage secure!

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