padlock of the '70s

While taking a walk in the mountains recently, one of our collaborators spotted an FT 40-mm 103 model arc padlock hanging from the door of a shed. Upon a closer look at its components and quality, the most interesting thing is that this padlock most probably dates back to an early 70s production series.

After about 45 years of service across cold winters, hot summers and an unintentional green coating, it still performs its duties perfectly.
A great sign of durability, a true cyclical test in the hands of time as it slowly progressed, day after day. To us, this is a tangible proof of the manufacturing quality of our products.

PS: we would have loved to showcase it in our archive, but the owner will not hear of selling it back to us: he says “old-school products were made better, they are better” and so has no plans to change it.
Maybe it is better that way all in all: maybe it is better for that padlock to work where it is in that mountain shed.