We – at FT – strive towards creating locking systems for the security of our customers. Whether a conventional padlock, a cylinder for a patented lock or an innovative locking system, our mission is to provide products for your protection and safekeeping needs.

Vision parte 1

With the passion and experience gained over the decades, keeping an eye on the future and on new technologies. This is how we go about our work.

Vision parte 2

With special attention to the environment.

  • There is much more to nature and environmental friendliness than just polluting less. First and foremost, it means cutting consumption: less raw materials used in manufacturing through quality processes that allow to curb wastage and by-products, less use of energy by using cutting-edge machines and custom-dimensioned servo-installations.

  • Lower consumption also means manufacturing goods that are above all durable over time: swimming against the tide in a market flooded with goods subject to “planned obsolescence”, we opt to fight against poor quality (and “scheduled expiration”) products as well as the entailed harmful consumerism. Our vision aims at offering a small and constant contribution towards safeguarding mother Earth.