• We always want to feel safe, whether at home, in our day to day life or with our family.
  • High security patented locks and padlocks for maximum protection and total access control.
  • In the working environment, having the possibility of controlling accesses is crucial. FT systems enable exclusive access to authorised persons only.
  • Equipped with an arc, rust-free, for up-and-over-doors, for roll-up-shutters and pick resistant.
  • Our skills at the service of your security ideas, with the aim of working by your side as you strive to develop new products.

Locking solutions

Learn more about Effe-Ti Taroni's customised locking solutions for public entities, business premises and homes.

  1. For schools, hotels and hospitals

    In public, business and major accommodation facilities, the manager must be in a position to control accesses. FT’s trained systems enable exclusive access to authorised persons only.

  2. For offices, companies and business premises

    Shops and business premises house products, machinery, computers and other highly valuable objects. Our mission is to prevent access to the room, keeping away any unauthorised persons; because it might already be too late by the time the alarm detects unwanted presence in the room.

  3. For houses

    Personal objects may have affective and economic value and they have to be protected. Preventing picking, keeping valuables in a place difficult to find, is probably more important than defending them once found.

  4. Customized

    Your security ideas and needs are important. So, alongside our historical products dedicated to hardware and do-it-yourself products, over the years we have created a wide range of products, conceived to meet your needs as customers.

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