• We always want to feel safe, whether at home, in our day to day life or with our family.
  • High security patented locks and padlocks for maximum protection and total access control.
  • In the working environment, having the possibility of controlling accesses is crucial. FT systems enable exclusive access to authorised persons only.
  • Equipped with an arc, rust-free, for up-and-over-doors, for roll-up-shutters and pick resistant.
  • Our skills at the service of your security ideas, with the aim of working by your side as you strive to develop new products.

Locking solutions


Learn more about Effe-Ti Taroni's customised locking solutions for public entities, business premises and homes.

  1. Cylinders for locks

    We manufacture Euro lock cylinders of all types and for all security purposes: including anti bumping maximum security euro lock cylinders, oval cylinders for iron and aluminium doors, euro lock cylinders with non-duplicable keys, master keys and pass-keys. Product made in accordance with European regulation EN 1303:2015.

  2. Padlocks

    We fabricate padlocks right from the historic arc padlock, including the armoured and steel pick resistant padlocks as well as the rust-free marine weatherproof padlocks. Furthermore, there are two specific sections intended for locking shutters and up-and-over doors.

  3. Safes

    From us you will find features mechanical combination safes, camouflage safes for hiding your personal objects and Mini Secur Box for keeping and protecting cash and valuables behind an electrical socket.

  4. Chains

    FT security chains and reel-wound chains were conceived for locking gates, slidable gratings, bicycles, motorcycles and many other applications. 

    Combined with FT padlocks, these chains form a complete and secure locking system.

  5. Locks

    We produce night latch rim lock for wooden and iron doors.

  6. Customized products

    Your security ideas and needs are important.

    So, alongside our historical products dedicated to hardware and do-it-yourself products, over the years we have created a wide range of products, conceived to meet your needs as customers.

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