Security for your home, business and valuables

Today, security is a crucial value that directly impacts our lives whether at home, workplace or free time. We want to feel secure and at the same time know that everything that matters to us is secure, whether it is our homes, our life or anything else we treasure matter in equal measures.

There is much more than buying a product when we buy FT to protect what you care most about. Actually, buying FT means taking with you the whole of our 60-year experience on the ground working on security.

Experience at your service

To some, security is just a bargaining chip while to others it is a temporary business. To us, it is all about protection, it is all about serenity. To us, security has been the only thing that counts. Over the last 60 years, we have been choosing the best materials and advanced technology to offer you utmost security through our products.

Security Made in Italy

Behind every FT product there is the guarantee of a true Italian manufacturer

Whether a small arc padlock or a new series 5 patented cylinder, it does not matter: behind each and every FT product there still is an Italian company ready to support you only like a true manufacturer can do.

A company made up of people with experience acquired in over 60 years in the Italian manufacturing industry; as a company, we are equipped with advanced machinery in conjunction with selected suppliers. A tested team capable of offering you top-quality products, with utmost attention to details, both aesthetically and functionally.

Made in Italy products