We strive to achieve sustainable development and reducing the environmental pollution deriving from our activity and our products, constantly aiming to find a balance between a high quality service and a low environmental impact. We are aware of the importance of following a development path towards a more sustainable future. This means reducing the environmental impact and CO2 emissions. We want […]

LOCKING SOLUTIONS For multi-utility companies, collection cooperatives, circular economy and municipal subsidiaries for energy, water, gas, waste. We – at F.T. take the environmental issue very seriously. For decades, F.T. it has been supporting companies engaged in the circular economy and in the recovery of recyclable materials with the intention of making its contribution to sustainable development and […]

The new updated summary catalog FT 2022 is now available! A compact tool which, thanks to the images and main characteristics of each product, will allow you to have the essential information at your fingertips without having to resort to the complete catalogue. You can download the digital copy by clicking this link

4930 SMART is a high security mechanical device designed to be installed on up-and-over-doors. From today it is available also with DIMPLE SECURITY key Strengths Easy to use: It is simple and convenient to use. Once installed, the only removable component is the key itself. This means no risk of losing components. Easy to mount: No […]

cilindro sagomato chiave classica

The double cylinder 1040/C (20+20mm) is now also available in the MK MASTER KEY configuration (“passe partout”). Choose FT’s master key solutions The manager can have just one key for opening all accesses, avoiding uncomfortable and cumbersome bunches of keys while simultaneously protecting and guaranteeing the privacy of the rooms and employees. Having fewer keys in circulation helps […]

Lucchetto con valvola

SAFEGAS GLOBE is the new mechanical safety seal conceived to protect the LPG tank filler valve. SAFEGAS GLOBE prevents any unauthorized operation, including refilling and tampering. It was designed to be used on all filler valves available in the global market*. The seal comes with PATENTED lock, NON-DUPLICABLE PATENTED key and NON-REPRODUCIBLE profile, for avoiding […]


The historic model 944 has been the subject of an in-depth mechanical review with the aim of achieving better safety and ergonomics performance. Model 944 is the only one with a 44mm horizontal accommodation size (all others stop at 36) and allows the closure of any passage. Versions: BRASS padlock ARMOURED steel badlock Starting today […]

Our range of series 3 cylinders has expanded thanks to the introduction of the shaped cylinder with CLUTCH-TYPE CAM. The series 3 cylinder with clutch-type cam is equipped with an internal telescopic joint. This special mechanism, designed specifically for series 3, allows to open the door even if the key is already inserted from the […]

We – at Effe-ti Taroni take the environmental issue very seriously. As a company, we strive to achieve sustainable development and curb environmental pollution stemming from our activity and products, constantly aiming at striking balance between high-quality service and low environmental impact. For us, 2020 marked a historic turning point. As a matter of fact, […]

Total security Shop, FT’s new e-commerce channel is online! A tool that allows you to buy locking solutions directly online and to receive them easily at home, with the certainty of the professionalism of Effe-Ti Taroni. You can find our best products in the field of security: locks and padlocks for scooters and motorcycles, for […]

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