For multi-utility companies, collection cooperatives, circular economy and municipal subsidiaries for energy, water, gas, waste.

We – at F.T. take the environmental issue very seriously. For decades, F.T. it has been supporting companies engaged in the circular economy and in the recovery of recyclable materials with the intention of making its contribution to sustainable development and the protection of the planet.

Access control is possible with FT master key systems and the operator has the possibility of having a single key to open all the gates, eliminating the awkward and bulky bunches of keys.

A solution that guarantees effective management for both simple and complex companies. Where there are many users who can access the structure according to a defined hierarchical scale, a multi-level master system is studied.

Choose the right locking solution for your needs!

Bunker Series 5.

This padlock offers high resistance against picking, thanks to the robustness and solidity of its tempered steel armour.
The patented key offers 100% control over the duplication of keys, which can only be performed at FT, by presenting your personal document accompanied by the Security Card.




Disc padlock.
The direct drag mechanism of the arc, makes this padlock indispensable in cases where the positioning and use of conventional padlocks is difficult if not impossible, for example when handling armoured containers or containers protected by steel fairings.




Half European profile cylinder.

The wide range, consisting of Series 1, Series 3 and Series 5, allow you to choose the product that best suits your needs.




KA MK special systems.

All products are available with KA (key alike), MK (master key) system and any other requirement with the quality and speed that have always distinguished us.