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The rectangular brass padlock meets the requirements of those in need of basic security, offering an optimum price/quality ratio.

Besides its shape, the material it s made of and the fact that it comes in eight sizes thus making it suitable for several private and corporate applications, alongside padlocks for up-and-over-doors and roll-up-shutters, it is also used with FT’’s range of security accessories for doors and vans. To meet all your security needs. The range of rectangular pick resistant padlocks was actually conceived with this model.


The rectangular brass padlock is made up of one solid brass block, operated through an internal brass cylinder.

Made of tempered steel with anti-rust chrome-plating treatment, the locking bar (slider) is operated through a spring (snap mechanism available in the Puma version).

The internal mechanism of the padlock is activated through anti-tamper brass pistons and counter-pistons. The springs are made of bronze and stainless steel.

The slider blocking latch is made of brass.


  • Rectangular pick resistant padlock with keyhole positioned on the lower side and locking bar activated manually.
  • A rectangular padlock, Puma comes with a lateral keyhole and locking bar activated by a spring (snap mechanism).


Both versions come with master key (MK) and keyed alike (KA) systems.

Combinable padlocks and accessories

  • Padlock for roll-up-shutters, model 928/93
  • Padlock for up-and-over-doors, model 929/93
  • Mobile eyebolts and gate collars
  • Chains

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