Classic padlock

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The arc padlock has always been universally known as the locking symbol worldwide. Its unmistakable shape conveys a universal meaning of security understood in all languages. Our history, as Effe-Ti, started from this padlock.
Robust and easy to use, it easily adapts to various uses in a wide variety of sectors. However, albeit its simplicity it fully encloses the quality and security of Effe-Ti padlocks.


The arc padlock is made up of one block made of solid brass, operated through an internal brass cylinder.
The arc is made of tempered steel with anti-rust chrome-plating treatment.
The internal mechanism of the padlock is activated through anti-tamper brass pistons and counter-pistons. The springs are made of stainless steel while the arc blocking latches are made of brass.


  • Conventional arc padlock.
  • Long, extra-long, super-long arc padlock.
  • Polo model arc padlock. At the top of its class, it was designed to resist against atmospheric agents and operate in highly corrosive outdoor environments. It also comes with nickel-plated padlock casing.


All versions come with master key (MK) and keyed alike (KA) systems.

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