Fortress is a high security mechanical padlock designed to protect your roll-up-shutter and your garage door. Robust and easy to use, the Fortress padlock has developed over the years adopting new materials, new finishing and new break in resistant mechanisms like the Defender which protects the internal cylinder. This with the aim of offering topmost protection and security performance.

Fortress operates with an interchangeable euro lock half cylinder (version 4970). Security level? It has no limits because you choose based on the cylinder you decide to mount.

Strengths and benefits


Tempered steel protects the padlock against the most common picking techniques.


The external treatment using last generation powders guarantees the durability of the padlock over time against atmospheric agents.


Drill-resistant, Defender protects the core of the padlock at 100%.


The padlock operates with an interchangeable euro lock half cylinder (version 4970). You can replace the original cylinder with a new higher performance one at pleasure.


The padlock comes in a tempered steel single block with anti-rust treatment, activated through a brass internal cylinder protected by a drill resistant Defender.

Made of forged and galvanised steel, the plate for fixing to the shutter comes with 4 threaded holes to enable easy and well-balanced installation on all shutters/garage doors.

The bell for fixing to the ground comes with a spring return-equipped dust resistant cap.


  • Fortress 4965. Basic version, for good level protection. You may choose from among a classic key or security radial key (Dimple).
  • Fortress 4970. Top range version for boundless security. The padlock operates with an interchangeable euro lock half cylinder: this offers infinite options when it comes to coding the key and enables introducing the padlock into previously existent Mater Key systems. To offer you multiple accesses, with just one key.


  • 3 keys
  • Plate for fixing to the roll-up-shutter/up-and-over door with screws and spacer kit
  • Bell for fixing to the ground

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