Lucchetto con valvola

SAFEGAS GLOBE is the new mechanical safety seal conceived to protect the LPG tank filler valve. SAFEGAS GLOBE prevents any unauthorized operation, including refilling and tampering.
It was designed to be used on all filler valves available in the global market*.

The seal comes with PATENTED lock, NON-DUPLICABLE PATENTED key and NON-REPRODUCIBLE profile, for avoiding unauthorised duplication of the key.
Key EXCLUSIVELY reproducible by the manufacturer, upon producing card and identification document of the designated person.

SAFEGAS GLOBE has a serial number which identifies and makes the seal unique.
This enables including the seal in the contract entered between the LPG supplier and the end user, thus protecting the supplier in case of legal dispute due to unauthorized operations on the tank (including unauthorized refilling).
In addition, the serial number guarantees the complete traceability of the seal along the entire production chain and after sales.