• cilindro sagomato europeo serie 3

European cylinder with reversible dimple key

Series 3 euro lock cylinders come with a reversible dimple key. Representing the first step in the evolution of lock cylinders, they come with a reversible key with computerised coding  as well as a security identification code.

They come in countless versions and sizes to perfectly meet private and corporate accesses management needs.

Series 3 cylinder is recommended for those in need of medium security with high quality/price ratio.

The series 3 cylinder is also available with the CLUTCH-TYPE CAM. Also called the EMERGENCY FUNCTION, this function allows to open the door from the outside even in the event of someone forgetting the key inserted into the cylinder from the internal.


  • Brass body and brass rotors
  • 6-pin coding system
  • internal mechanism activated through brass and steel pistons
  • anti-tamper brass and steel counter-pistons
  • phosphorous bronze spring
  • DIN self-lubricating steel jerk resistant cam
  • Coded and numbered reversible flat key
  • ownership card for duplication (even remote)
  • anti-drill pins positioned in the body and in the rotors (upon request)


  • Series 3 euro lock shaped double cylinder
  • Series 3.3 euro lock shaped double cylinder with clutch-type cam and emergency function
  • Series 3.6 euro lock shaped half cylinder (mono)
  • Series 3.1 euro lock shaped double cylinder with knob
  • Series 3.9 euro lock shaped double cylinder with shortenable rod (designated for knob)


All versions come with opaque nickel finishing.


All versions come with master key (MK) and keyed alike (KA) systems.

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