• cilindro europeo di sicurezza
  • lucchetto con arco serie 5

European cylinder series 5 with patented key

A trademark to control the duplication and avoid the unauthorized copy of the key protects the new security cylinders 5 series with patented double coding key.
Anti-drill pins, anti-picking mushrooms and anti-snap system complete the standard equipment of the new security cylinder 5 series.
Series 5 is recommended for high security against break in, alongside the guaranteed management of accesses.


The patented double coding key offers full protection against unauthorised duplication: only the owner of the cylinder can have the key duplicated upon exhibiting the security card at an authorised FT dealer. The internal anti-bumping mechanism protects the cylinder against the most dangerous break in techniques such as picking and bumping.
The anti-snap system prevent burglary with torsion and traction systems.
The drill resistant pins protect the cylinder against destructive attacks using drills and cutting instruments.
The advanced systems (master key) and the clutch type cam (optional), complete the components available for this top range security cylinder.


  • Body and rotors made of solid nickel-plated brass
  • Protected by hardened anti-drill steel pins
  • Self-lubricating DIN sintered steel cam
  • 6 hardened pins + 3 spherical pins
  • Steel anti-picking pins
  • Anti-bumping system inside
  • Anti-snap system
  • Clutch type CAM (optional)


  • Silver nickel patented keys with plastic head
  • Hybrid keyway with dual coding (dimple + flat)
  • Customized exclusive key profile available
  • Security card necessary to obtain copies


All versions come with satin-faced nickel finishing.


Master key (MK) and keyed alike (KA) systems available.

Product made in accordance with European regulations EN 1303:2015.
Durability: grade 6 / Key related security: grade 6 / Attack resistance: grade C

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